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Acton, MA 01720


Fender Extenders are the #1 way to quickly, easily and securely rig and adjust any type of fender to any style boat, and with style!

It's all about the details...

When I set out to design and build the original product, I was doing it to solve my problem, with zero intentions of ever selling them, to anyone. As you can probably guess, that didn't last long... lol. I came up with an initial design that incorporated a certain build quality and level of functionality that I wouldn't think twice about using on my own boat. (I'm very particular about my stuff!). I made a list of “can’t haves” and “must haves” to guide my process. I knew for certain there would be NO METAL PARTS anywhere that could scratch or rust, no need to drill holes, or have additional hardware needed for mounting. They had to be a complete (all-inclusive) product, easy to use and quick to set up… Most of all, they had to do their job really well, be strong and secure, and I really wanted them to be something different and look cool.

With that I set out researching all the various materials that I knew would make up the product. Various types and thicknesses of webbing and how it reacted and interacted with the marine environment, like water - fresh and salt, sun, various chemicals and liquids they could come in contact with. Then I looked into all kinds of thread, weights, materials and again, how they would perform in this harsh environment. Then it was the “hardware”, what it was made of, how various composites reacted to all the same conditions as the webbing and thread.  And of the utmost importance - strength, resiliency, ease of use and no risk of scratching the finish!? Finally, the line that I would use, size, material, color, etc… and how all these components would come together to make the ultimate product!?

Once I had the components figured out, it was figuring out the build process and that ended up being pretty extensive across the board. Many versions later, I had the first working prototype and I put them into service to see what I had, and what I had to change. In the meantime, I had a couple requests for product, and decided to try and make a small production run. I needed to find someone to build them and looked at every option available, until I found one I thought was suitable.  Fast-forward to where I decided the only way to really make this work (right) was to control the build process, and bring it in-house. I went through the process of researching machines that could handle the task, and I bought my first specialty machine used for sewing sails and canvas’.

Fast-forward-er ;o) to current day and it’s a technical tour de force!  The right raw materials, assembled with the right build pattern to afford simplicity, speed, strength, and sexy good looks! Standing up to the sun, the salt and cleaning chemicals - they won’t absorb water, fade or stretch out of shape! Every little detail is designed in place for a reason; for example the extra bit of material that extends behind the lower buckle to support it off the gel-coat. The fold and stitch pattern of the mid-body assembly, and even the UV protection on the high-quality woven labels keep them looking sharp.  

We’re very particular about what we use on our own boats, so we’d never deliver a product that we wouldn’t use, and expect you to!

Thanks for your time and consideration, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have using that orange button over there -->, we’d love to chat!