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PO Box 3011
Acton, MA 01720


Fender Extenders are the #1 way to quickly, easily and securely rig and adjust any type of fender to any style boat, and with style!

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We're different, we're better!

Yes, that’s a bold statement, but we think it’s honest and accurate. Think of all the things that you deal with when setting up your fenders. Time to set them up, finding the right place to attach them and in the process you are trying to make sure the height and location are right. A few inches too high or too low and you need to untie, adjust and retie. Now that cleat is full of fender line and you can’t use it for your dock line. Move the fender to the bow or stern rail, a grab handle, somewhere else, tie it up and take more of your time.

Let’s skip all that and get you back to the fun of boating. Quicker than you can tie up, you can have your fenders set up! (Read that again, that’s fast!). You can rig any fender to any location on your boat with one click! All components from buckles to thread are synthetic, rugged and designed to stand up to the harsh marine environment. No more over-crowded cleats forcing you to deal with a birds-nest of lines. No knots, no separate parts or pieces; quick and secure adjustments in a single second and you are done… No drilling holes in your fiberglass to install metal hardware that can rust or scratch your finish; how cringe-worthy is that on your precious baby BTW!? We allow you to rig your fenders, your way - any way. And to top it all off, they look really sweet, like 15k+ color combinations sweet!

Engineers & boaters at heart, we look at things differently, we are different and it's time for you to rethink how you manage and rig your fenders. Forget tangling with frayed fender lines, knots and guess-work! Easy to use by novice boaters, appreciated by seasoned boaters. So grab that friend sitting in the back seat soaking up the sun and tell them to... “STRAP ONE ON!!”